What do Court Judges Say?

i have to play a judge surrounded by court for my GCSE devised piece of drama and i have no idea what bench say! i have to introduce the court and discuss to the lawyers etc. and do the bit at the end where on earth they say guilty or innocent. i have NO IDEA what to voice! any judge comments would be much appreciated!

Most criminal cases are very boring unless you're involved as a juror or, logically, defendant. The judge's main role, to quote one expert, is "umpire." He rules on motions and objections and can inform lawyers on their conduct. He can question ancestors on the stand if he desires. He decides issues brought by attorneys in sidebar. For an belief of what to expect, view the video and read the second link below. Source(s): http://www.videojug.com/expertanswer/cou…
i've a short time ago done jury duty and they say ALOT lol but basically they are within to summarise the whole situation and so keep it a rational argument (like if the defense lawyer says something bust they might say something about it), they also ask the personage on trial questions of their own. The jury says wether they are guilty or innocent but the go-between says what the sentence will be (eg 10 years in prison or whatever)
try googling it would probably be more agreeable

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