Sex offender surrounded by prison?

Is it true that sex offenders in prison are targeted for punishment by other inmates? I know they are put on seperate wing for their protection, but does it actually keep them out of harms instrument?
(Im asking because the person who abused a close friend whilst a child has newly been remanded and is awaiting sentence)
In most - but not adjectives - jails, certain category of sex offender are segregated for their own protections. Mostly child molesters and pedophile. A lot of convicts hold kids, or were abused as kids, or are just plain looking to whip up on somebody, and the child abusers are the favorite targets as nobody likes them.

Some of them do bring put in with the rest of the prison population. It depends on the size of the prison, really.

Even if they are segregate they may be beaten up or sexually molested by other convicts while in communal areas of the prisons. Sometimes the guards look the other passageway and they get beaten up or molested within their cells, too.

Generally speaking, a pedophile in lock away is going to have a hard time.
Based on newspaper reports, I deliberate it is generally true that sex offenders are targeted by other inmates, and those who hold committed sexual offences against children are targeted and attacked even by other sex offenders.

It seem the more notorious and high profile the guilty party, the more likely they are to be attacked. Peter Sutcliffe and Ian Huntley are obvious examples.

Certain classes of criminal are placed on separate wings for their own protection, but with fixed resources and manpower it plainly isn't possible to protect every prisoner from every other prisoner 24/7. Also some prison officers are bent and will ignore, or actively join up in such attacks.

Personally I have no sympathy next to these people, but I don't agree with the notion of giving other prisoners (who may also have done evil things) the satisfaction of getting at them. Particularly trash such as drug dealers - just as frequent childrens' lives have been f*cked up due to drugs as due to sexual molestation.
I hold a cousin who was caught with child pornography, adjectives with very childlike children. I think the prison tried to separate him for a while (during the initial trial phase), but eventually the others got to him and slaughter the living crap out of him. Unfortnately, he was still able to hike and they didnt manage to do to him what he did to those kids (if ya catch my drift), but I hold out hope that he will be contained by there long enough that he will receive everything he deserves.

Trust me, whatever they do to those sick b*stards is a lot closer to even-handedness than anything the courts will do.
Oh believe me simply because they are put on "seperate wings" , the other inmates always find away to get to them, beside the help from some bent screws ofc. No "man" like to share their prison time with sex offenders, especially ones who mess near children, they will always find away of getting to them to give them some in recent times deserts.

Im not saying that these other inmates crimes are right, but what Im for is giving sex offenders HELL inside and if that finances letting some con-artist, drug dealer at their throats then so be it. Source(s): I own been a victim.
I know of 2 people who be pimps, raped children, drug dealers who ruined huge amounts of lives and eventually charged for a crime,prosecuted and found guilty.
They harmed so many folks and their sentence is minor compared to their life time of crimes.
I've talked beside these fellas & their friends through the years and no one has sexually accost them while their in and out of prison.
Sure they live in horror in prison as do most people near because it is a war zone and rules are to watch your backbone. Who cares ? not me
Not in every prison. In some prisons there is no such point as 'protection'. Where 'protection' is available it has not been unknown for a 'protection' prisoner to be attacked by a 'mainstream' prisoner!....

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