About eviction interest please read.?

Hi I recieved a eviction notice an wasn't out by the date of the eviction notice so I recieved a memo saying my landlord be taking it to court an that the bailiffs will be coming for the keys in 4-6week, will this defently start in this time or could it take longer next to taking it court? I'm just a bit worried bout this because I have a tot but my mum said it could take upto 6 month but i'm not sure. If anyone could help please write spinal column. Thanks :)
You need expert advice.

From the Citizen's Advice Bureau Website...

"Once your innkeeper or you have given notice, this does not necessarily expect you can be evicted. In nearly all cases a court order is needed, and further identify of court proceedings is often required. Whether the court will allow the eviction will depend on the kind of habitation and the reasons for seeking eviction. However, in some cases, a court establish may not be necessary. For example, a court order for eviction is unnecessary to evict you from your home if you have a resident landlord and the use started after 15 January 1989.

If you have been asked to will the accommodation by your landlord or own been told by them that they are taking court proceedings for possession, you should consult an experienced adviser, for example, at a Citizens Advice Bureau. To prod for details of your nearest CAB, including those that can give advice by e-mail, click on the CAB sign."

Check out the intermingle below. Best wishes Source(s): http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/index/your…
I take it a Possession Order was granted and you spoilt to abide by its terms. You could have applied to the Court for a short deferment through undue hardship.

Now it has gone too far and the innkeeper can now initiate eviction proceedings. Evictions are carried out by the Court bailiffs and a Warrant must be obtained from the Court instructing the bailiffs to pilfer action.

The bailiff will usually visit the premises and donate notice to you that you must vacate by a certain date otherwise they will remove you Then they will not be coming newly to collect the keys, they will be coming to throw you out.

As to how long it will take, no-one can describe you. That depends on how long it takes to get the paperwork together and for that concern how busy the Court is.
If he gains a court order to evict, later what he says is true. The bailiffs will be coming to EVICT yo not just to go and get the keys (which he should already have a copy of within any case). As long as he has fully complied with the lease agreement and as long as you net no appearance in court with a apposite reason as to why you have not already vacate.
Get legal advice or see CAB if you intend to face-off, otherwise find another place.

Good luck
Wow sorry to hear that! my parents got evicted and they always have a problem where the land lord threaten that if my parents payment up or move out the sheriff will be here to clarify some type of court document! but really what went down was nought! so i wouldnt really get worried but its that time to make a move! times are definatly tough these days!

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