Can my employer build me sign a contract of more hours?

ok so like many work places presently things are changing and not for the best. i work for a local council and we are due for a department meeting subsequent week. The word on the grapevine is that my boss is retiring to bring numbers down so none of the rest get the sack...and they want to increase the contracts of the three of us left. Now im currently on a 26hr contract and they want to increase is to 30-35hrs. By tenet can they make me take the increase? or own i the right to say no and stay at my 26? i know im lucky not to loose my job but i work in a relaxed way on my days off else where for more money and would fairly it stay as it is,
If anyone can help inform me?
Not knowing where you live make your question rather impossible to answer beside certainty, but if you aren't a minor and you're not represented by a union, your employer can do what they want to do and your choice is to bring it or leave it.

As you know, jobs aren't graceful to come by so you might want to give it a lot of thought earlier you complain or leave.
Check who actually pays your wages, closely of councils tender out to agencies now. Do you work directly for the council or an agency? If it's agency they can ask you but you don't have to comply consequently again they can pay you off but direct for the council you can disallow. But make no mistake in this climate they can insist you negotiate a unknown contract with legal threats. Whatever they can do legitimately to get rid of people they will do it. And no boss will ever bring retirement to save the jobs of other workers so the work situation sounds close to a wind up. It's dog eat dog but to be devils suggest 35 hours a week isn't bad. I'm no employment advisor or tea room lawyer but i've be shat on from a great height enough times to know the rack up

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