Need some facts for my story.?

OK I'm going to need a coupld of facts for this story I'm writing for my english class:
1) What crime can someone get four years for?
2) How heaps gang members make up a set?
3) How do gang member get away with murder and other crimes?
4) Where do gangbangers acquire their drugs from?
5) What is prison life like?
I don't believe that that the purpose of Yahoo-Answers is to do your homework for you.

Try Google or a couple of hours in the library.
1. There are an awful lot of crimes one could get 4 years for. You should decide what group of crime you want. Check to see whether there are sentencing guidelines for it and what sort of thing the criminal would need to have done to receive 4 years. To give you an idea, an assault occassioning actual bodily injure (ABH), if serious enough could result in a 4 year sentence, though it is more expected that a sufficiently serious assault would be charged as section 20 or even section 18 Grevious Bodily Harm (GBH). You might also acquire 4 years for supplying drugs, possession with intent, fraud and a hundred others dependant upon seriousness.
2. Not sure I understand this press. Gangs don't have set rules of organisation or fixed numbers.
3. With some difficulty. I suggest you look here:… the law at the rear these cases is unlikely to be interesting to you, but the facts generally are. R v Osbourne and Others concerns a gang-related "hit" surrounded by which a man was killed next to a sub-machine gun. Despite the precautions taken, they were still caught and tried.
4 & 5 can't help you near these I'm afraid.
1) This can alter depending on your past. Can be simply for stealing-involuntary manslaughter. Again, depending on the past and the severity of your grip. But sadly, it's true that the racial color IS involved.
2) This can oscillate. It CAN be a minimum of 2 people to make a "clique". That's a start from in attendance to start expanding your sets.
3) If they're smart they would have planned it carefully and "false flagged" different colors to not be certain. If they did it in an open nouns they would be spotted by friends/family and than identified later on. [People talk alot, even save talking directly to the police, it would eventually end up to catching them] Carrying out your plan would be next to a closed circle group of people that they highly trust to not mouth stale to others on what they did and/or what they're about to do.
4) Import or to produce themselves. A safe process for them is to produce the drugs in their basements [Cost is HIGH but if stable and constant is a guaranteed PROFIT producer overtime, but still producing little considering most are done in basements.] To introduction is an expensive, yet cheap, BUT great way to achieve drugs in MASS Kilos fresh.
5) Horrible, conditions. Starting back from Square 1[Ghetto projects but near 4 walls you cant ever leave with more release rates]
Theft, fraud, trade marks stroke all carry potentially 4 years (or more)

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