Old employer still using my first name on documentation!? What to do?

I used to distribute email campaigns to clients and also produce printed work etc, i left this company almost 6 months ago nonetheless they are still sending out documents with my name on them, i.e as if they own come from me!! I have emailed them and wrote to them more than once to say please stop using my baptize but they just ignore me and never respond, ive purely found out today after receiving an email notice they are STILL using my autograph. What can i do? I am nothing to do with them anymore and they freshly arent taking any notice of my requests to stop using my name.
I would obtain a lawyer to draw up a cease and desist notification and send it to this company. Having a letter come from a attorney may be enough to scare them into taking your baptize off.

And, of course, if they don't, you may be capable of take them to court over it (consult with the legal representative about this).
I suggest you retain an attorney.

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