Why some general public right to be heard that consumers are not free to choose which products to purchase.?

Do you consider this to be an important issue? Why or why not?
I don't know anybody who's said this except for you and presumably your teacher. Because this is your homework, right?
surrounded by a monopoly situation, only one producer produces the good or service surrounded by question- leaving consumers with no opportunity to but to buy that particular product. As a basic example, you cant established who's roads to use as only one producer, the government, make roads.

The problem with that is if at hand is no competition, a producer can mistreat its clients, raise the price and produce poor quality, inefficient merchandise as consumers have no option but to use it.

That is why government need to regulate to ensure that there is other viable competition and no producer can expand to being a monopoly. Also, the government requests to take control of the production of "natural" monopolies (where there can single viably be one, you couldnt really have two separate road systems) so as that consumers are not exploited by monopolistic market actor
ever since the invention of the walmart marketing dread naught, choices have be dying out as fast as the big box stores can kill them. As the small guys are dying out, the choices are swiftly declining in the open market place. If you want an example go to walmart and try to buy a pair of shoes that in actual fact fit, and heaven forbid it would be made anywhere than in China. You are going to be fixed to what the big store wants to sell, not base on what is good for you or what you may actually want.

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