Does a bouncer of a hours of darkness club enjoy the right to confiscate your passport if he believes it not to be you?

In plentiful states in the US the personnel at establishments that sell alcohol are required by ruling to confiscate what they believe to be false ID of a minor attempting to use that false ID to purchase alcohol beverages and give them to the police. This would include a passport or any other ID.

Laws vary by state and country.
if this is uk you are talking about afterwards a lot of people hold got this very wrong!
If a branch of the security team believes you are trying to enter their venue using a false, or tamper passport then they CAN take it stale of you!, you do not own the passport it is government property.
there is nought the police can do about it as it is the the security member duty to forward that passport to the home office for them to investigate further. Source(s): Information given to me by hampshire contabulary from the home office!!
Not surrounded by the UK. If that has happened christen the police.
In the UK no - this would be break-in and should be reported to the Police immediately.
The passport is not your property and you are charged with looking after it for the state. You never surrender it to anyone bar a state official.
nope he can't do that
No. A passport is within fact government property and not yours anyway.
No-one has the right to confiscate your passport excluding police or customs, not even an immigration official.
It is not your property, it belongs to the Crown. Source(s): I'm a lawyer

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