How can I drop a crown Court travel case. UK?

I have been charged next to 3 x "Breach a non molestation order - Family Law Act 1996" . I pleaded Not guilty to 2 of them, but Guilty to one of them. My partner and I have discussed this and surrounded by the best interest of our two children she wants to drop the case, so that we don't lavish our kids money and money that I don't have. What is the best way to own the case dropped. I have to dance to court in 5 weeks. If I cant drop it, then can I represent myself near a statement defending myself, so as to not have to go for a Solicitor or counsel?
You do not own the choice to drop or not. Now the CPS are involved they decide this and no one else.
No one can force you to money for a solicitor if you do not want to.
You can't drop it now a plea has be entered, and your partner has no read out in it. If this was a civil casing, you could drop it by mutual agreement but it's a criminal case, so it is the Crown Prosecution Service prosecuting you and it is up to them if they want to drop the case. It is possible to represent yourself but probably inadvisable. As the weak saying goes, "the man who represents himself have a fool for a client".
You can't drop it. That's at the discretion of the CPS in England and Wales, and the Procurator Fiscals' Office in Scotland.

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