Do you regard smoking will be completely disallowed someday?

Banning alcohol clearly didn't work contained by the USA. Banning tobacco might well have side effects too.
It won't, because banning it is ridiculous. Banning alcohol didn't stop people drinking it. They drank it basically as much, but it made gangs rich and powerful and made people incredibly sick from drinking essentially toxic hooch. Plus of course it hurts the poor (who had to drink hip bath gin) more than the rich (who could afford to go to Canada and get their own)

Something similar would develop if tobacco was totally banned. Smokers would simply travel to a dealer and buy it illegally. Just resembling people do with drugs. And in attendance are an AWFUL lot of drug users out there. Far better to tax the bejezus out of it and generate it socially unacceptable. If it was vetoed there'd be no tax revenue and people could cut the unconstitutional cigarettes with whatever they required - it would be incredibly expensive in the long run.
No for 2 reason.
1- About 30% of Americans smoke, that's around 90,000,000 people.

2-The disturbingly high taxes on cigarettes make the states and the federal government WAY too much money.
No for it is too important to the Revenue. Banning smoking would be the answer to heaps of the problems that pervade the National Health of the UK and it would certainly reduce senate costs in the longer term.
No because the country would fold completely without the tobacco revenue tax, plus greatly of MPs are on the Boards of the tobacco companies.
Not in our lifetime. But someday contained by the future the growing of tobacco will be banned.
Nope. Cactus needs his tabacky every day - one or two fine cigars!
No, the tobacco companies simply hold too much power and money to be shut down.
Ehh I think probably not. I at most minuscule hope that if the government tries to take that nice of freedom away from us, there will be some kind of nouns.

Unless it's done in a series of small steps that people don't judge we should make a big deal over.

It could run either way. 1984, or what this country be founded on. Only time will tell.
No because stupid society will stay stupid and buy products that kill them. The govt needs the charge revenue too much.

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