Is watching someone drown murder/manslaughter?

Like if you see someone drown and you do nothing to help, or you want them to struggle for a while and they in truth die, is it murder? Or would it only be murder if you actually pushed them into the river?

Watching Mean Creek and wondering what the implications would be on someone who did nothing to backing a drowning person.
because it would be a risk to yourself.

you cant be tried for murder if you choose not to put your own life at risk to save another.

probably a suitable thing or we would all be rushing into traffic to push family out the way all the time..
if you saw them drowning beside thier face in a bowl of milk and you have a motive to wish them dead they may try for manslaughter but i doubt it would stick.
You have no duty to put yourself at risk to save someone else. MOST people, even it they can swim, are not trained to rescue a drowning individual without being pulled underneath by the person. It would be a stretch to claim criminally negligent homicide if the entity watching had nothing to do near the drowning person getting into the water. Murder generally requires both intent and overt action. That would not apply in this baggage.
Nah, it's just close to when i'm doing it.
I want someone to die, so I imagine myself strangling him and he chokes :D
For some origin i was told it was unendorsed only in France because assisting within suicide is a crime but your not required to put your life in exposure to save someone else.
Depends on local laws, but most places it would be neither murder or manslaughter if you did not motive the drowning. You might be charged with a misdemeanor if you did absolutely zilch to help; but even calling rescue services in a timely comportment would count in your favor.
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