Guy spent time contained by prison years ago, can i bust him presently?

Some guy from school who i didn't like, i basically found out he spent time in prison. This was adjectives a few years ago i don;t know the exact dates maybe 10 years, must hold been a few years after he left conservatory. Now this guy was so cocky at school and i find out he still is. He have never declared his prison sentence in any job and have now gone into teaching of adjectives trades! I assume he must have filled out a disclosure form so they can't be too interested surrounded by it then. How he did that i have no thought, do you think if i blow the whistle it will have any affect very soon or will the years gone by forget about all that ? Will the guideline profession forget about then he have a conviction years ago?
Teaching positions almost other require a background check. It's likely that doesn`t matter what he spent time for was not of a nature to preclude his getting a position. For example, a DUI resulting within jail more than 7 years ago is not a barrier to learning here as long as there were no intervening incidents.
if you are wanting to make sure this guy does not want to grasp a job that could harm others after there is many sites and numbers you can telephone to ask questions and see what you can do. your best bet is to talk to the police and enlighten them that you are worried about this man being a impair to people and that they don't know he has be in prison.
that's all i can push for
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I don't think a trades school care about a conviction that long ago. I do know that if you are WRONG, you can expect to be sued into bankruptcy, and for apt reason.
If this is a UK press, he will have had to go through a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check before being allowed to drill. Any convictions will show up, but depending on the offence, could now okay be regarded as 'spent'

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