Can I find sack for allegedly swearing at a colleague minus proof?

A colleague has accused me of swearing at them over the phone. They cannot prove it.
I did no such item but worry my employer will sack me.
It comes down to the terms of your employment. If you are an at-will employee next they can fire you for any reason or no reason at adjectives. As long as they don't fire you for any discriminatory practice.
I don't think so. It's his word against yours and that is a problem within a disciplinary situation. Write down your version of the phone call and surrounded by the meeting (if one ensues) produce said conversation, I guarantee your accuser does not have one and after you will have the upper hand as you hold a written description. They will dismiss the matter entirely. Source(s): I am a junior manager at my company and hold seen this happen oodles times!
UK? You may get a choral warning if it could be proven. A bit petty though depending who you swore at. If it was the managing director you would be surrounded by big trouble if you swore at him, but if it was just some weasel surrounded by accounts or HR, a verbal warning at most that's adjectives.. Probably just a ticking off by your smudge manager telling you to hold your cool.
Legally? Yes. Likely? Probably not. Otherwise, everyone could get anyone fired just by making unsubstatiated allegations.

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