Legality of record name from home phone?

I know that RIPA etc allows me to make a recording of a mobile phone call from my home phone for personal use.

Now, if a colleague has unfairly accused me of swearing on the telephone phone call and I submit the call as evidence, could that individual take permissible action against me if I proved their allegations were false and they be dismissed?

Thanks in advance
If you made some munificent of smart comment like "The company must be scraping the bottom of the tub for receptionists" because you were getting frustrated then the certainty that you didn't actually swear won't help you much. You be still abusive to somebody at your workplace over the phone and they were correct to sack you.
You are right, the RIPA do allow you to dictation telephone calls on your own phone and you do not have need of to ask permission to do this.
However if you intend to disclose the information to a third party afterwards you do need permission.
If you own evidence that someone is accusing you of an offence, then you could foot the information over to the Police or in this case your employer
You may brand name recordings for your own purposes, but unless the party you are recording consents they are unusable surrounded by a legal action and must not be passed to another.
With adjectives laws, it depends on what state your in. Here is the gist of the law in a nutshell. Source(s):

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