What must i voice to magistrate someone come to threaten me and presently its her reporting the threat?

someone claiming to be coming from a lawyer has visit several times threateming my workers and when icaught her at my place i over empasised with my voice loud that she must never come to my place again since i found she is not sent by the lawyer it be fake. She reported i assaulted her and am going to court what must i say
You can influence that your workers will give testimony the woman threatened them, she lied she be from a lawyer and they, the workers, saw that you didn't assault her.
I assume you saw her in a nonspecific work area not your private office.
Generally you can discredit her by stating she have threatened your workers on several occasions and lied. Say quite clearly she is proven con artist and she is lying now.
You are entitled to see a copy of any statements made by this woman, who is presumably the only witness on the other side. This will abet you prepare your case. Meanwhile, you have a number witnesses to support your side of the story, namely the workers who hold been threatened by her. Call them to give evidence once a trial date have been set. Don't be intimidated by this bully.

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