What decriminalized achievement can I bear?

My neighbour's daughter does not live with her. She claimed on a legal document that she did. I've grown worn-out of her antics as you may have read in quicker questions I asked. This document was contained by response to her complaint about my dog and his barking which said that he should be hand over to a warden. I believe that she could not do this as she faked her address. Is their any permissible action I could take as my other own flesh and blood members say we should dally and should not report her yet but her actions hold been continuous for months. Any help?
Assuming this is a UK query.... you can go to the county court and seek an injunction against your neighbour for bullying.

The court can make an order to forbid her actions/behaviour, and if she continues, she will be contained by contempt of court, which is a criminal offence.
At 40 she should have stopped childish travels. Yes go to the Police, time she learnt to grow up and not blame Mum for everything.

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