Can you debris an autopsy human being perform on yourself by putting it contained by your will?

If your death is suspicious, I really don't think you can forgo an autopsy. The best argument would be that it would turn against religious beliefs.

This being said, a will is usually read after a funeral, not immediately upon release. There are examples of "Living Wills" located on the web that include autopsy directions.

One being here:…

I would pack one out and make several copies. Have them notarized and give a copy to your local hospital, your legal representative and a trusted (and responsible) family member. You may also want to keep hold of a copy at home. Having a living will on file at your hospital or Doctor's office would be your best bet that your wishes would be prearranged at the time of death.
The will is not even looked at until the cause of death is determined.

Once the create of death is determined by an autopsy. Only then can the will be executed to your wishes.

Simply because if the loss was suspicious, and a person on the will be a beneficiary. The authoirites need to know if there be foul play.
This liberal of restriction is usually for religious reasons.
But even they can be overruled if the death be not obviously by natural cause.

Incidentally, why would you care?
the will is viewd after the otopsy you can try and ask the police abt it cuz i think if u an organ doner they put a simble for it possibly they do the same thing
Depends where you are, but I very much doubt it. Certainly, surrounded by England and Wales the Coroner is an officer of the Crown and if he/she requires an autopsy that overrides any other consideration.
nope if it's required by law you can moan adjectives you want they'll still slit you open like a kipper.

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