Can we engender huge stash employ Interpreters?

Will you agree that we are employing an army of INTERPRETERS?
The Interpreters are paid a minimum of lb25.00 per hour. They are salaried even if the meeting or event is called past its sell-by date. The time calculation is so generous that it almost doubles the working time.
They serve Councils,Police, NHS,GPs, Courts, Tribunals ,. The ancestors benefiting from this service is never the ones who are paying for it. ...I feel there is a huge money that can be made by requiring the beneficiary to either make their own arrangements to salary for this or better still,only make it available for solid limited categories. I am told that some Officers are appointing their own relatives to the favour and claiming payment.
If people are prepared to come to or live contained by without English language later they should pay for an interpreter
They certainly didn't travel here minus help
A few years back I was told of how a Eastern European temp worker be employed through an agency to do one shift in a factory, this temp could not speak a word of English to save his life span, so to be able to do the job he have to have a Interpreters stand next to him adjectives shift whose sole job was to translate instructions and do nil else just translate.
The temp worker by the way be being paid the minimum wage, god know how much that shift cost to employ a temp worker and his interpreter, bloody crazy if you ask me.
The right to the services of an interpreter in court is enshrine in Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Many of the interpreters used are not professionally qualified, although the whole business have now been sewn up by the Institute of Linguists so that even populace who are qualified and have had years of experience are forced to pinch their (the IL) exams (at considerable cost) before being allowed to resume practice after a break. Interpreters are compensated travel costs and waiting time and this is what really makes it financially worth-while. I once ran into an Urdu interpreter who made my blood boil. He be not an educated man and was typically employed at a factory. Not only had he be paid as an interpreter but, as he proudly showed me, he had over the interpreter's fee been compensated loss of earnings at work. In other words, he was getting double the everyday payment. In another case I come across, an employee of a magistrates' court interpreted during her (paid) working hours and was rewarded an interpreter's fee on top of her gross.

Your list is incomplete. Many interpreters are employed in school. In former times, children who didn't know the language were expected to sink or swim and they soon widely read to 'swim' quite competently in the classroom. How several of those are we paying?

The presence of so many unqualified people who style themselves interpreters brings the profession into disrepute. They are costing the taxpayer a fortune and taxpayers surrounded by other countries are not required to pay the cost of their services. We could indeed make massive reserves.

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