I work 5.5 hours am i entitled to a break?

i work in catering and wondered if by law u get hold of any breaks doing a 5.5 hour shift
Unfortunately it looks close to your employer knows and the Working Time Regulation which states that you are entitled to a break once you have worked 6 consecutive hours. Sorry!
In the UK the Working Time Regulations state that you are entitled to a 20 minute break in each 6 hour shift. This have to be taken somewhere in the middle not at the beginning or at the finale. So sorry no. but a good employer should let you hold a 10 minute break somewhere as I did with my staff. Source(s): retired catering business owner
Dav is wrong, you don't get any break for 5.5 hours
No federal law requires break unless you are beneath 18. Over 18 is state specific. Check the poster in your office or the state labor board
dont you get one..? simply take one... tell them you want a break... Source(s): jimmy jones is wrong.! i employ peeps on a weekend for just a couple of hours.. and we have tea breaks...
its a reflection on the type of company you work for if you own to push for a break No.

The Working Time Regulations state that you are only entitled to a break if you work more than 6 hours Source(s): http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/E…
you hold to work a minimum of six hours to receive a break.
It depends, if you're over 18 then you have to work over 6 hours to reasonably qualify for a 20 minute break (I know harsh!) young workers however (those who are below 18 but considered of a 'leaving school age) are entitled to a 30 minute break after working for just 4 hours.
However, within certain buisinesses (such as catering) can cheat you, because there are loopholes surrounded by the law, but don't bother researching this as you're not entitled to a break anyway!!
Why don't you speak to your boss and ask to enjoy a 15 minute cigarette break in the middle of your shift and you'll stay on 15 minutes late everyday, that's what I do as it breaks the morning up a bit x
Edited to say: this is only for the UK btw... Source(s): Work surrounded by catering too :) x
yeah buddyyy
yes you should get a smallest 15mins break

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