Dvd Cover Copyrighted or Not answer's please?

I am a fan of many groups and close to a lot of fans I hold made my own dvd cover's for shows that have been broadcast on British Television, approaching 100's of thousands of people no doubt, I own my won website and wish to upload these cover's to it so fellow fan's can cut and paste these for use themselves, this is a totally free service newly to share free cover artwork which I have designed myself, would this break the law i'm not up on these type of things but I see on masses website's people sharing the same things , I must stress these are things i've made myself, I aint for example copying a Walt Disney picture and making my won cover for it, and the cover's are free any thoughts.
OK. Re the copies made from the TV.
This IS a copyright violation if you distribute these recordings.

If the covers are all your own work and do NOT contain ANY similes etc which you have "obtained" from other sources then they are fine.
For instance the Walt Disney films, if you use any of the characters from the motion picture on the cover then Disney will come after you. They are renowned for going after people who use their copyright and trademarks near a passion.
If these are your own work, you can sell them, give them for free or do what you want with them. It's only other people's work that may be the subject ot copyright or TM protection. Source(s): I'm a advocate

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