Community service breach?

when breaching a commmunity service order what is most likely to surface when taken back to court?? is imprisonment the most probable thing t happen orf could you be tag or have a suspended sentence??
It depends on the circumstances and in selective how far you had got beside the order, how you had responded to it and the grounds why you are unable to continue. If you have been a willing ample worker up to a certain point, but something happened (such as you oversleeping), your Community Service Officer may powerfully encourage the court to order that the command continue. You might be fined for the breach or have a few more hours added or, if you convinced everyone that you have a genuine excuse for the breach, they might decide a short time ago to let it continue as up to that time until you've completed your hours. If you had suffered an injury or become ill and be therefore unable through no responsibility of your own to continue with the Community Service, it might ably be that the court might agree to discharge the order.

If you've been completely uncooperative, afterwards the court will feel that it has no choice but to resentence you (and if it was a Crown Court order, you'll be sent near for resentence). You might well then be sent to prison. Not heaps people, however, are stupid enough to receive themselves into that position, so it is unusual.

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