I bought a phone online and they sent me 2 by mistake, can they charge me for it?

I was sent 2 mobile phones in separate parcels after a mix up contained by the warehouse.
Is the company legally allowed to charge me for the spare one if I don't return it, and do I have to return it?
I know you could argue that morally I should return it, but these companies be paid enough out of us as it is so I'm only really interested surrounded by the legal aspect!
Did you pay for the extra phone or receive it in some sort of contribution offer? If not, than legally it is not yours, it is the property of the company. If your friend come over and accidentally left her purse on your porch, does that mean you can help yourself to it inside, start wearing it and using the cash, credit cards, phone and other items in it? No, it would be considered mugging as much as if you stole it.

You should call the company and explain that a mistake was made, and would they please dispatch you a prepaid box to ship it back in. You are not liable to earnings to return it, but you are suppose to return it. I doubt any legal action would be taken over 1 phone they accidentally sent, however, why risk it?
No, they cannot charge you. The 2nd phone is classed as "unsolicited goods" contained by legal terms. They can request the phone be returned but it would be at their cost and your convenience (within reason). A similar article happened to me when 2 printers were sent instead of one. The company contained by question didn't even want the 2nd one back, it be too much trouble to re-stock. Source(s): Personal experience.
you don't not have to legally return it unless they remuneration carriage or arrange it's collection, don't even legally own to tell them but saying you haven't get two phones if they ask would be deception.
The extra phone is NOT yours. Even though it be their mistake, that does not mean you get to hold it.

Call them and ask for a prepaid box to send it back. It be their mistake and you shouldn't have to pay for the postage. Make sure that you carry a receipt or return number for the phone, so they have a means of access of tracking it.
You should inform the seller BUT AT NO COST TO YOU. They will ask you to post it rear, you should tell them to send you the postage first and an envelope to put it contained by. Once you have done this and they do not respond or act next you may hold on to it. After a reasonable time. They may ask you to send it, you pay cheque and they reimburse you - i would not do this - they have to pay postage etc first upfront.

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