I made a valid complaint via email to Fitness First and they haven't replied...?

Why do they not even acknowledge the email? Can someone explain? And don't say it's because they are too busy...
Did you request a receipt to say that the e-mail have been read ? They should have a 'complaints procedure' and you should follow this specifically. If you lately addressed it to normal e-mail address eg from a website it may rob a while to be redirected to the correct person. Source(s): experience
More information is needed to answer this question. I guess it depends on what your complaint be. If it is something that you are requesting some form of compensation for, then they may need to "investigate" the complaint to determine if it have merit. If it is just a complaint in common, they have no legal must to answer you. If it is something that requires they answer you, I would send a letter via certified communication (so you get a signature from them that they received it). That way they know you close-fisted business!
they hold horribal customer relations/ethics. there well know for that.
Did you complain to the local organization or did you take it to corporate?

The corporate offices roughly do not like to hear poor comments about franchises and will direct the franchisee to respond so you may want to shift that route if you have not yet done so.

It could be that. Did you know the co-founder of Apple told a customer to go away and move them alone after filing a complaint? Yeah! lol Its not too nice. I was conversation to my friend who is the manager of a game stop store and he said anytime they spread out a survey or complaint online it goes straight up to the main organization (of the company, not the single store) and they then send it down to the store itself and take onto the manager, who in turn have to fix the problem. So it was heard, probably they are too ashamed to call and apologise. File another one.
if you haven't received an answer after 2 months you aren't going to, go there surrounded by person and talk to the mgr.
Most probably because a young-looking person read it and deleted it because they could not be bothered. Always dispatch a letter to any firm with a complaint. This have to lie on someones desk until it is dealt next to. Source(s): retired business owner

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