Is it illegitimate to possess a Golliwog doll?

Surely they are offensive and racist icons.
Can someone be arrested if they displayed one surrounded by their front window?
No, there's plenty of offensive pieces in history, it's considered historical not abhorrent.

You should see some of the things from the Jim Crow days, these pieces of history sell for big bucks.
Since within some cultures it is a cherished cultural artifact and childhood tradition, it would be legal to display.
But if it is in a front windowpane of a car or truck or other windshield, it could be considered blocking the full view and therefor illicit.

In this day and age, freedom should not be restricted just because offense could be taken by a soft hearted soul, regardless of the personal feelings or offensive meter within their personal bias or lifestyle.

Through tolerance breads peace, and resentment war.
Here we go ,the PC Brigade non sense.its not iffy.
and just for the record , Golliwogs be around long long before these Politically correct idiots ever came almost.
why do you think they are racist and offensive ?
if animals could communicate within a manner like us,im sure a Crocodile would call for a Zebra Stripy.
Would the Zebra be offended ?.i supposed he would.nobody likes the truth do they.
Deep down you know it is not unlawful. I suppose whether you're offended rather depends on how you outlook them. They may have grown out of a racists stereotype but I fairly thinks those roots have long-since be forgotten.
If your neighbour is displaying it to be racist, then maybe you're only just rising to the bait?
I note you've asked her to move it and she's declined - which indicates she's get it there just to annoy you. It's working, wouldn't you vote? Source(s): I'm a lawyer
if it was white would it be coarse?
No its not criminal to own a Golliwog doll. But if you openly displayed it in such a passageway that it could offend other people consequently you could be asked to move it. They are not racist in any way but contained by this modern day and age its been made to be distasteful.
Don't be ridiculous! Is owning 'Babie' racist?

The answer is no.
No, and they aren't racist or offensive.

And surely the blame for anyone thinking they are lies beside those who chose to call black people 'wogs'? Not beside people who object to such racist knock about.
Bromyard in Herefordshire is a small town near a bizarre twist in diversification among its shopkeepers.

The builder's merchant go into knitting wool and video rental. The greengrocer has the best ironmonger contained by town now, round the back at the rear the sacks of dried peas. A massive family of farmers have gone into fine wines. An estate agent was also a shoe shop. A cafe sells stationery. The sports lecture hall is also the public library. I once worked for a firm there specialising in installing bulk milk tank that also sold bits for vacuum cleaners. Some lads once turned the Co-op into a bonfire display.

And the oldest established firm of ironmongers bought a job lot of golliwogs and covered their shop display with them.

I doubt they be arrested. The local police have long given up on Bromyard as a lost cause, and retreat to their castellated bunker surrounded by the hills (doubling up no doubt as the lunatic asylum) as much as possible.
Not in the UK they can be found in toyshops. It's simply racist if you think they are, majority of people merely think they are an old fashioned toy.
I don't think so
noooooooooo lol dont verbs about it
I own a golliwog my grandmother gave me & anyone who finds it offensive....tough.
No, it is not! I hope not - I've still got mine!
There have be campaigns to ban golliwogs, but they own so far been unsuccessful. The Queen and Robertsons the jam manufacturer have both been surrounded by trouble over this.……

Your neighbour is entitled to own a golliwog and it is only if it becomes adjectives that it is displayed in his or her window within order to insult someone that it would be justifiable to complain.

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