Are bailiffs allowed to bear property if i dispute the debt?

are bailiffs allowed to take property if the debt in query is disputed by me
If they have a court order yes they can.

The enforcement of an writ is NOT a re-hearing of the case contrary to popular belief.
Good try,you run up debts that you can't pay envelope, the bailiffs get called within as a last resort, you then dispute the debt. No occasion at all, it's and old trick.
You should hold disputed the debt with the company you owed money to at an early stage, seeking mediation and legalized advice then. Failing that an agreement beside them usually holds off the bailiffs
Firstly it is important to understand the distinction between a bailiff and a debt collector. A bailiff is appointed by the court and does own rights to seize property, with a court demand. A debt collector has no rights. Insist on seeing an identity card to ensure that you are dealing with a bailiff.

Secondly bailiff statute is very clear. Bailiffs cannot force their way into your property, but if you tolerate them in then they can grab property. Therefore, do not let them in. They cannot barge long-gone you if you answer the door but block passage. They can enter through an open or simply unlocked door or window, so ensure that you keep these shut and locked.

You will hold to contact the court to suspend the bailiff's action, if you are disputing then debt afterwards the court should be aware of this. Contact them again and let them know the situation, there may be a mis-communication between departments.

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Provided they have a proper warrant afterwards yes. Take legal advice or own the money available and pay it but insist that they give you a acceptance confirming that you paid is "Under duress". This means that you can run back to court and dispute the matter. In addendum they will not take and sell your commodities for peanuts.
If you enjoy given them "Walking possession" or they have a court order , next Yes.
The time to dispute it is not when the bailiffs are at the door. It's when you first get the bill.
If they are court appointed bailiffs then you would hold had your chance to dispute the debt at court.
If the bailiffs be then used it means you lost the dispute.

If they are not court appointed consequently they have no right to enter your property unless invited by you.

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