Help needed contained by relation to someone surrounded by a coma?

My sisters boyfriend is in hospital, in a coma after mortal severely beaten up. He has be in this state for about 4 months.
I enjoy 2 queries.
1. His step-grandfather practically raised him, does he own any right to see his grandson if his mother (who the son hasn't had a good relationship with) refuse the grandfather access.
2. The mother has been actively withdrawing money from her sons dune account for personal use, is this legal?
1 Probably not.
2 It would depend on the age of the entity. If they are of majority then someone needs to database for conservatorship to protect his assets.
Unfortunately if the kid did not construct out a Living Will or otherwise designate someone with a Power of Attorney to make decision, then it falls to the next of kin, regardless of how in good health they get along.

In this case, the mother is the subsequent of kin. However, unless she went to court and got a court charge that she can access the bank account, afterwards what she is doing is illegal and the bank can be held responsible for it.
1. I don't deliberate that the young man's mother has authority to deny access to his step-grandfather. This is surely a business for the hospital while he remains there.

2. The mother has no right to annul his money for personal use. You don't say whether she is doing this over the counter (in which case it is surprising that the guard would allow it) or using his card in an automated teller mechanism, which would make it rather harder to prevent.

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