How long do the police maintain a conditions check someone next to criminal diary on directory? (15 years ago)?

Depends on the type of offence; minor for in the order of 10 years, serious offences can be on the records for enthusiasm.
Every contact you ever have beside the police will be on a file somewhere forever. However, once the conviction becomes spent, you will not hold to declare it (you are protected by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act) and it will not come up anywhere EXCEPT for a CRB check. The time until your conviction becomes spent depends on the sentence you received and your age at the time of the pique.

Sadly to enhance the police state we live in, the police were granted the power contained by 2009 to keep hold of your records forever, and also since the post-9/11 terrorism law, your details will no longer be wiped after x number of years if you were wrongly arrested or convicted. Even innocent people's details will stay on wallet. Source(s): Experience through the courts system, and I work with rehabilitated offenders
Forever...however they will only disclose certain information depending on the height of check they are doing. On a standard or basic disclosure (check) they will only reveal any unspent convictions however for a enhanced disclosure they will reveal adjectives previous criminal activity if relevant. Certain convictions will always be revealed i.e more serious assault, aggravated burglary, murder or attempted murder and any sexual conviction or conviction against a minor. For a gun license adjectives convictions and cautions (even those received as a minor) must be disclosed at application.
It will stay on file forever. Source(s): Serving police officer.
below the rehabilitation act 1978 the police keep your chronicles on file for 10 years depending on what you were charged beside if it was a serious offence it can stay on story for life the easiest way to find out is to Speak to a solicitor and next they can find out for you

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