Will i receive Charged beside anything?

i jsut got into a fist fight at conservatory and while the fight was going on i have a pill bottles full of weed fell out of my pocket and the teacher saw it fall out and he saw me punch the outher kid they said i will be kicked out for 5 days for the quarrel and 90 for the weed and they said i have to go to a Drug Treatment if i want to come rear sooner if i go will i be chaeged with anything they dident articulate antything about being charged i live contained by washington and go to a middle school and im 14
Sure sounds resembling it
Its fully within their right to charge you, but from my life experiences, they probably wont. Most arts school officials would feel that the 90 days would be adequate. plus, nobody likes courtrooms, so just consider whether or not your trainer dislikes you enough to take a year out of his time to sit in a courtroom and testify instead of get remunerated to do a job.

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