Are employer allowed to penalise you for anyone sick?

according to irish law? And if you have a certified memo from your doctor

Republic of Ireland that is
I believe Irish law is matching as British (UK) law in this overnight case. The employer CAN in the case of long-term sickness, request the member of staff to be seen by a Company Doctor to assess when, if ever the employee is going to be fit ample to resume full-time employment. If the answer is never, then there may be a travel case for dismissal. No Company can or should have to bear the burden of an member of staff who is unfit or unwell enough to do the job when within are many people out within who can and would.
Generally, how this works is that initially you have a specified number of sick days available to you each work year. After that, you lose wages for extra sick days. Then, if more sick days are required, a doctor's minute is requested to explain the extended sick days. From there --and maybe this is where on earth you're at?--most times a doctor's note is "good" for a certain amount of time but, after that, disability-type check out of is looked at. This is where one won't be attending work for an undetermined amount of time or at least several weeks or months. Penalize? They can categorize you into one of the above but you're going to need Proof, as I mentioned. Otherwise, I do believe they can fire you.

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