Question in the order of copy rights?

my sister is 13 years old and lives in Poland she have really talent about making photos, that why I have adviced her to uncap her own blog or website so she will be noticed, but there is a sound out about copy right how can she put her photos without be copied how to get copy rights?
I believe there are some software that you can use to "write" on a photo... as in, own you ever seen pictures of currency notes (paper money) on the internet, they as a rule have the word SAMPLE written on them, but very weakly, in order to not modify the picture itself. Also, I enjoy two friends who are photographers and they have some kind of "signature" on their photos... I deduce they do it with Photoshop.
I'm not to familiar with how to seize things copy righted, however i know you can go through copy right agencies to do it. you should be able to look up agencies who do copyrights through google or some other hunt engine

Unfortunately if your sister posts photos on the internet without any proper copyright protection, she technically has no rights over them. the problem near the internet is, is that it is too easy to take descriptions and drawings and claim it as their own, as their are little ways to prove who made the image first.

If your sister wants recognision, she wishes some form of protection on her work, in order to prove herself as the inventive creator of the photos
Copyright is automatic as soon as she takes the picture irrespective of whether it is "registered" anywhere or not.

If she is going to nouns them onto a website then she should watermark them and only nouns lo-res images.

Here is a wiki link to the 1994 Polish copyright stroke…

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