What do I do if another member of staff at work is sabotaging my work?

I am in sales and my squad leader keeps undermining me surrounded by front of customers and takes my sales putting his own cross to them.
You have to be a little more aggressive, or you are doomed
This is a serious matter and you do hold a remedy. At the next instance of belittlement, you must ask the customer/s to bear witness to the leader's 'Undermining' deportment for the forthcoming tribunal. (Have them give you a contact telephone number.) Stealing your sale is why you will be seeking a tribunal if not a solicitor (Stealing is a criminal offence) you choose but you must have proof that the commandant is taking your sales. You could simply warn the commander of what you intend to do next time it happens.
tell their boss
How is he undermining you? Do you bring back paid a commission for everything you sell? He may be trying to boost HIS commissions by stealing yours! I would check to see if he is doing this to anyone else working in attendance!
Sounds close to it's time to bring in a professional private investigator. Given the cost of the sabotage, reckon of it as an investment. There's got to be clues somewhere, such as fingerprints. A PI hopefully would also know the protocol and legalities behind things approaching background checks. Perhaps you could also look for patterns contained by who was working or not working (or present/not present) when these events occur. Maybe you could at least narrow down your suspects. I would also interview relations one at a time. Be careful what you ask (unless you get legally recognized advice). But at a minimum you could mention what was going on and if they had any culture about it. Be aware of nonverbal signals and your intuition. There are some good books out in that on lying. I think one is "Never Be Lied to Again" (can't recall the author but I regard it's Lieberman). Perhaps you could leave some easy bait out nearby. Perhaps something that seems expensive but is a fake or a knock-off. As a previous answer mentioned, deposit cameras are pretty cheap and could also be viewed as an investment, given the costs of the sabotage. Also, focus about your workplace climate. Everything I've seen and hear indicates that people who act this process are often doing it as "payback". Do people perceive your workplace as fête? Are there inconsistencies or inequities in the system? Is your supervision heavy-handed? If so, work on these issues as well. Hope that helps. Source(s): Read More http://www.allbusiness.com/company-activ…

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