Can we the “people” veiw the uk sex offender register but?

I know there was protest for it. Are we now aloud access?

A guy called Chris made his own list on facebook but he be made to close it down. Source(s): google
No, nor will you ever potential be able to in the UK.

Currently if you are a parent or guardian you can ask the police if a name person who has, or may enjoy, unsupervised access to your child or children is registered as a sex offender. You do not as an individual currently have any 'right to know' who is or is not registered per se. The police are supposed to ensure that your inquiry is base on a need to know, not just curiosity, e.g. you are thinking of bringing someone strange into your family circle or allowing someone access to your children. So you would be told if you were to inquire roughly speaking a potential new boy/girl friend or someone offering to let your children use their premises or sign up them in an activity, fishing for instance. You would not, or should not, be told anything give or take a few 'the man you heard had purely moved in two streets away'. After trialling the scheme within selected areas it has in a minute been extended nationally.
it should be like it is here surrounded by the States
all should know where they are at
No and you never will be. Anyone with a serious concern nearly an individual can ask about that individual but the sex register is closed to anyone other than the police and probation service and a few other public bodies.
Parts of the country are currently going through a trial whereby parents can ask the police to confirm whether or not their alien partner is on the register. It is supposed to allow parents to be absolutely certain almost the new partner before they are introduced to the child.

As far as I'm aware, nearby is no plan to make the whole register public so that ethnic group can just browse through it. That would probably be a step too far.
No, and it should not be made public, as in that are people too stupid to handle the information correctly.
Read the Latin revision of The Magna Carter. The King is not above the law. You can view the sex offender registry.
No, as said previously people in the UK would use the information to harress relations - a policeman was sacked just now and given 3 months in prison for passing information from the register to a relative..
I believe Sarah's law will eventually push it to the point we will be able to.

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