Why do we reward tenet breakers?

for example if a underage teenager becomes pregnant and broken the directive but is supported in every way possible from food and shelter to income

Despite the unborn/newly born child who visibly has to be taken into consideration
why do we do this?
your inital statement is a bit of a generalisation!

in the travel case you state: society thinks it is right and proper to give everyone a chief standard of living. and this seems more important for children/babies who cannot attention to detail for themselves.

remember however that this is not universal...and it does not happen contained by all countries around the world.
It's only illegal if one creature is over 18 and the other is not. Do you really think bringing criminal charges against a teenager for have sex and creating a life would be a good article for our society? A teenage boys libido is stronger than any thoughts of criminal charges he may have. A better sound out is why are Republicans/conservatives pro-life yet anti-welfare?
Your refutation is explainable in certain cases, but not commonly.
Each case would need individual attention and assessment, in the past judgement could be made.
How can a teenager be underage?

What ruling have they broken?

If a person OF ANY age give birth then that child is going to have to be supported. Reason: the unborn/newly child is unqualified to support itself.

What, exactly is your question, or are you making a polemic?
Maybe we should be like Iran and droop the little sluts in the public square. Would that make you relieved?

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