Were would i be capable of draw from a retire police dog from,and can you catch 1?

I sincerely hope you are not thinking about getting a former police dog to have as a pet. As a issue of fact, in masses jurisdictions, retired police dogs are put down because they will tend to become very unpredictable as their age progresses, not to mention that they require a trained handler to hang on to them under control. If you are not thinking of having a dog close to that as a pet. your local police department should be able to tell ou if that is to say even possible in your jurisdiction. I hope this helps. Source(s): Military Police Officer
You would not be able to as most stay beside their handlers when they are retired.
Besides which why do you want one ?
You may in unbelievably rare cases be able to seize a training school reject but as before most of these stir to serving police officers.
Sorry but I am like the police really suspicious of the motives of a person wanting an ex-police dog.
If you want a guard dog there are civilian dog training companies who would be likely to sell you one.
But remember if you get a trained dog similar to this you need substantial liability insurance cover!
Police dogs are trained to do specific duties and do not make fitting pets or guard dogs.
They need a person who's trained surrounded by handling this type of dog!

I should add letting a member of the public own a trained police dog would be like giving a five year old a loaded shot gun.

The five year out-of-date may be very lucky and never pull the trigger but if and when it happen the results are catastrophic
I have an ex forces dog (Alsatian) as my husband was a trained dog handler.
He was a moment or two more aggressive than I expected, didn't like young inhabitants ( !! ) and I actually didn't feel comfortable near him alone tbh as he wouldn't listen to me.
They are used to one master only and in the wind up, I became afraid of him - he went to live on a lovely fruit farm chasing chickens as he just wouldn't tolerate humans for long.
A big NO NO.
EDIT: 'he' refers to the dog, not my husband lol.
This is from the South Yorkshire police website:

When the dogs arrive at the age of seven or eight, depending on their state of health, they retire and then live out their lives as the handler’s home pet. No South Yorkshire dogs are re-homed on retirement or put down, other than on medical advice.

You could try your local police dog training college, but I doubt they would let you have on as they are probably hazardous in the wrong hands.
Most retired police dogs go on to live with their handler family. There are very few that are up for adoption.

For the few that don't jump onto live with their handlers - at hand is usually a waiting list. You can contact your local police and find out if they have a waiting register and how to get on it.
The fire brigade.

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