My son be driving his vehicle surrounded by a road he did not no it be raining and he chiped the kurb and go surrounded by to a?

feild and his car was a right sour he was not speeding he was doing 35 mph surrounded by a 40 mph road he telphone the police to report it a police officer came out and said he must have be driveing with out due care and a attention and said he would bring taken to court how can he say that when he was not here at the time wat will his rights be as he was not driveing with out due concern and attention
i'd get a attorney onto it,,,, you will need the defence!
even on a road you do not know, how can you drive a car and hit the curb if your fascinated ?
its not like the curb was suddenly lying within his path he must of not been looking where on earth he was going, so if your Son could some how let his saloon hit the curb he must not of been looking where he be going.
what your Son should of said was that a dog ran out surrounded by front of him and he swerved to miss it and hit the curb.
your Son should say after the accident he be a little shell shocked and forgot to tell the officer just about the dog that ran out into the road
lets see the court find round that one Source(s): my head
If your son drove sour the road, he was not exercising due care. Absent someone else cause him to leave the road, the fact finished up in a field is INDISPUTABLE proof of that. Unless you yearning to argue your son INTENDED to drive into the field, he has no defense.
The police would purely say some thing beside out evidence or a witness to back it up,contrary to the people who approaching to claim they've been fitted up.
as the evidence has to be produced surrounded by court.
I think your son has not told you the full story.
For a sports car to clip a kerb and end up a right off surrounded by a field to me sounds like he be doing a higher speed than he claims.
He's very lucky its a short time ago driving without due care and attention if another vehicle be involved it could be careless driving or worse still dangerous driving.
You need a proper defence prepared by a legal representative if your son is prosecuted. Prima face he was driving short due care and attention because if he was he would enjoy seen the kerb and avoided it.
There are defences but you wil entail a lawyer to use them properly
I'd voice if he didn't know it was raining, then he be probably driving and not paying attention...
Wait a minute... you're disputing the allegation that he was driving lacking due care and attention, EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN'T NOTICE IT WAS ******* RAINING?
Another thing; are you:
1) From another country (what I'm getting at here is, is English a second/third terminology for you?)
2) Mentally deranged
3) Under the influence of alcohol/hallucinogenic drugs, or
4) An uneducated chav?
Reason I ask this is that there is NO punctuation whatsoever, and every other word is misspelled... I'm not a language rules nazi but it really irritates me when people don't at least TRY to use punctuation - it make things so much easier to read. Honestly, deciphering that jumble of words was the hardest entity I've had to do this weekend.
And I highly doubt that he chipped the curb. What the **** are his tyres made out of, steel? Source(s): If your son realistically didn't notice it was raining and is immediately being taken to court, I sincerely hope that the judge impose the harshest possible penalty.
As a motorcyclist who has have several near-death experiences thanks to inattentive drivers (if I had a quid for every time I've hear "Sorry mate, didn't see you"...), I am sick to death of hearing stories give or take a few cocky little boy-racers running their crappy little one-litre tin cans into trees, lamposts and the like.

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