Are cannabis/marijuana seed permissible contained by the uk?

Just wondering because I was going to buy some off the internet?
It's legal to own the seeds, but not to germinate or grow them.
YES. They only become improper when they are planted to grow the actual plants. Source(s): My knowledge from when I did science coursework on cannabis...
Before you do buy some seed from the internet, make sure the outfit is reputable. Seriously. If you have never deal with the outfit you have chosen, kind sure they are not one of the many, many scam out there who will take your money, your dune info, and have a field light of day. If you have any question give or take a few the legitimacy of the outfit you're getting the seeds from, go to every single maijuana forum you can find and see what relations say about the company, and/or if at hand is any badmouthing. And, it isn't just a question of whether you will go and get the seeds, but whether they will be feminized (which is what you expect) and if actually for the strain you purchased. Lotsa shady characters out in that and, well, anyone dabbling within marijuana is an easy mark beside little recourse.

And, as others have mentioned -- seeds are okay. An excellent source of nutrition, as a business of fact.
They are perfectly endorsed. Source(s):
in attendance legal to buy and possess but its illegal to plant them
Class B drug- wrong, but shouldn't be in my opinion.
Yes, they are. They only become unendorsed when you germinate them.

Cannabis seeds are legal within the UK, people. Fact.
noo!! not at adjectives

they are class c drugs i beleive
and definitely illegal

hope this help :)

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