I stipulation an article in the order of a topic related to business nouns, please...?

I need an article related to business nouns in International Business and Globalization, to write a paper for conservatory.
I have to read the article, and then write a page that answers one of the following question:

o Explain what the article is about. Describe how the concept of globalization is illustrated surrounded by the article. Are there clear winners or losers from this globalization identifiable within the article? If so, who are they? If not, why are they difficult to identify? Why is the concept of winners and losers important surrounded by an ethical discussion?


o Explain what the article is about. Identify how the cultural system of the country the article is written about impact the practice of international business of the company in the article. Should a manager of a business contemplating debut a branch in that country consider the nation’s major
cultural issues past investing? Why or why not?

There are two papers. One is with a place that has papers on greatly of different subject.
The first one is talking about the effects of greed on the discount. There were a lot of companies that believed that the cutback would continue and that as long as they were ahead of the hobby, they would make money on the process. In an inflationary world, people bet that their investment is going to increase. Others appropriate advantage of that and when it increases, they both make money. But when it decrease, one does not lose money but the investor loses a lot of money.
This may or may not help. http://www.mindfully.org/Industry/Busine…

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