Views on human rights within the UK?

Whats every ones views on human rights in the UK?
With citation to cases like Gary McKinnon and Binymin Mohammed.
And what do you think just about both of those cases acctually? I'm in two minds...
in my opinion its really almost what the law says you can do and what you can't
the UK Governments consent to every British person down when it allowed America to abducted UK citizens and afterwards hold them with out charge in Cuba.
at hand is no point agreeing to human rights but then ignoring them when they are breached Source(s): my herald
There's an implied first principle conflict surrounded by your question which seems to differentiate human rights surrounded by the UK from human rights in the rest of the world, and Europe in out of the ordinary which generally interprets the Human Rights Convention in matching way.

The rights which are enshrined within the Convention, and ratified in the Human Rights Act, be created to prevent any government from ever doing again what the Nazi Party did in 1930s Germany. I'm not sure I've ever see an argument which could persuade me that this is a bad piece.
Just close to any act in this country it have loopholes.
I want to see it replaced, with something which doesn't have the loopholes, which can't be abused by criminals.
I am an American so if you don't hear out my opinion than I understand. But the McKinnon skin is close to home for me(since he is being charged in the US) so I hope you do.

Human rights is essential but can and does go too far by overly sympathetic people. Being dead set against the death penalty is one item, but being opposed to any form of punishment or heavy punishment for people close to McKinnon from doing what they did. I understand that McKinnon wasn't trying to get any US military information(he say he was looking for UFO coverups, I believe it) so I hope he get's off night light. The laws are in place to hold people from doing those things.

As for Mohammed, can't say. Would you torture someone to accumulate your families life?
Human rights are ok in Britain but no human have the right to disrupt somebody else's life for their own unreasonable satisfaction

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