Why is Euthanasia forbidden within the UK?

Please give reasons of why euthanasia is dishonest in the UK
The Labour Party's conservatism has prevented moves to liberalise euthanasia surrounded by the UK.
The real answer is the potential for swearing by monsters like Jack "The Doctor of Death" Kevorkian, MD, who often like to choose for his patients which of them lived and died. That is murder, plain and simple, not even euthanasia.

Kevorkian's apparatus for ending life, which technically could be used by the martyr, he called the "Thanatron," Greek for death tool. At first one trigger was pulled to start an I.V. drip of saline solution, then a button have to be pressed to stop the saline and start a drug called thiopental, which put the person contained by a coma. After that there was no going subsidise, with the "doctor" sitting right there as potassium chloride be released into the "patient's" system, inducing a heart attack.

In 1999, Kevorkian, who began his career studying the eyes of relatives as they died, started a 10-25-year sentence for 2nd degree murder, for which he only did eight years. Then he run for Congress.

When euthanasia is legalized, the medical world will have full reign over our lives. Source(s): http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/…
Because it's considered murder.
(I agree)
because the assistance in taking someones life is murder. if it be legal then every murderer within the country would claim they killed on the grounds of euthanasia and there would be no even-handedness for the victim or their familys
Any form of participation within someones death is illegal.

Just approaching assisted suicide, they might do it alone, but if you help them, it's a no no.

Sometimes a fetus is considered a life. But that's a grey nouns
i don't know the government seem to hold a problem with all our party's why should euthanasia be any different
Because it involves butchery people.

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