Who do i report company employeees too for not following form and safekeeping law?

had cavity wall insulations today
workmen never put up any scaffolding over my conservatory thought it will be quickers to walk on the roof which is presently damaged
Get hold of their boss and tell him what they've done. Request compensation or repair for your damaged roof. If it's a worthwhile company they'll own insurance for this.
It depends what you want which is not clear in your question. If you want to report for breach of condition and safety or make a claim for injure to your roof ??
You can not prove nor present a good case for breach of H&S.
If you want your roof repaired after you contact the boss of the firm first to give him the chance to repair it contained by good faith. Take photos of the roof for proof asap. In skin he will not agree with you and the matter is prolonged - If he will not do it you can sue surrounded by court.
He is obliged to repair the roof as it was the workmans negligence which broke your roof.
This is a clear cut casing - they are responsible for repairing your roof.
And how does that breach health and sanctuary regulations?
Find the law which says they MUST put up scaffolding and you will conceivably have a case.

However as here is NO such law then you are on a hiding to nil.

You can however claim for any damage they caused to the roof of the conservatory if it be because of their negligence.
I'm not aware they've broken any H&S legislation.
But if they have, then the HSE is the body which deal with it, but it does not award compensation.

If the workmen have dilapidated your roof you should ask the company to repair it or get it repaired and send them the bill. They must enjoy a chance to inspect the damage first, though. Source(s): I'm a attorney

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