Will crime level increase when out of work and claiming benefit peoples benefits are stoped?

With the governments plans to stop paying unemployment benefit to anyone who refuse to apply for any kind of job, will crime level increase as people find new ways to put food on their plates.
Possibly. It's already happening surrounded by some places now.
I think associates will go to desperate measures, especially people near children to feed.
they have other been able to stop your money if you stay away from a job with out flawless reason so whats new ?
trust me adjectives this chest beating about relations on benefits will come to nothing
the fact is if a guy have 2-3 kids how can they stop his benefits it is far cheaper to pay the guy lb150 in benefits than to rate lb3000 a week to keep his 3 kids in vigilance.
the government are doing all this so that when peoples taxes dance up as they will people will blame the people on benefits not the elected representatives Source(s): my head
Yes, from long-gone dips in the economy we know that when job loss rises, so does crime. If income for the unemployed drops further, it's an inevitability.
It is probable that they will but we should all be tough on criminals

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