Sue for Negligence after disappearance of family connections contestant?

If someone has died because a hospital failed to document that upon direction of an IV antibiotic a patient showed an allergic reaction to it and next 2 months later the same IV antibiotic be administered to the patient which caused them to die - can the hospital be sued for negligence for not updating their documentation of a deadly allergy - and could they be sued for more than lb5000 (the cost of the solicitors fees?)
Too many people don't sue, if more did consequently fewer people would die because of their unwary bungling. There is nothing like the prospect of financial loss to concentrate the corporate mind much more so than disingenuous rhetoric going on for patient care. The NHS have killed thousands with MRSA and other hospital inflicted diseases.
The doctor cannot be prosecuted for manslaughter because he had no fluency that his administering of this drug would be a problem.

The test of negligence against a doctor is "would another person of like peas in a pod knowledge level, ie ianother doctor of similar experience, enjoy known that these actions would own had this outcome?" If this doctor had no practice of the patient's previous adverse reaction to this anti-biotic, he cannot have be negligent.

Also, the death must enjoy absolutely been because of his movements. What would have happened to the long-suffering without this anti-biotic? Would he have died anyway? This is celebrated because it has come up in medical negligence cases since. If the patient was destined to die no thing what the doctor did he cannot have been forgetful (even if his actions did make a contribution).

If you be looking at suing the hospital for negligence for not updating their records, again, if the patient would hold died no matter what, then the grip will fail.

It is normal to add on solicitors fees on to the costs.

Sometimes people ask legal question and aren't satisfied if the answer isn't what they want to hear, regardless if it is write or wrong. The fact is here are legal tests to establish negligence. Simply suing someone does not guarantee nouns. And in a common canon system there is no point going down a path which have led to failure for others, it will surely founder again.
Yes, I think they could, and if somebody have died, then the amount you could sue for could be enormous - loss of proceeds, and so on. But I would consult a solicitor in the first instance. Some solicitors offer a free half-hour consultancy past you decide whether to hire them.

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