What is Constitutional Law ?

I'm just revising for my law testing tomorrow, and i wanted to know what it means and what examples can I distribute?
Constitutional law deal with the supremacy of Parliament - the position of the Crown and rights to personal freedom.
Constitutional law relates to the way the lawful and political system works and is managed.

Unfortunately (or some may say fortunately) contained by the UK we do not have a written constitution like the USA and plentiful other countries which makes things less than clear next to regards to constitutional matters.

There are correctly simple constitutional rules, such as MP's privelledge which protects MP's from legal action about anything they say in the houses of Parliament as fragment of their political duties and there are more complex constitutional conventions such as what happens contained by the event of a hung parliament (remember the last election)
Constitutional or administrative law is that law which sets out the parameter within which a state and its institutions operate.

It is not correct to say the UK have "no constitution" or "no written constitution". It is accurate to say the UK has no single constitution document. Also, as a unitary state, endorsement constitutional laws is merely a simple matter of endorsement an Act of Parliament (countries with written constitutions usually require some sort of "super majority" to change theirs, so this could be see as an advantage over written constitutions.)

Also be aware that written constitutions are often touted as better because they prevent central political upheavals, yet this is not always true any (most of the former communist bloc of Eastern Europe had written constitutions.)

The main constitutional law of the UK are such acts as Union with Scotland Act and Union near England Act 1706/7, the Scotland Act 1998, Wales Act 1998, the European Communities Act 1972, the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, The Treaty of Rome, Treaty of Lisbon, The European Convention on Human Rights (1950), the Human Rights Act 1998, and worth a mention, the Bill of Right 1688, and the Act of Settlement.

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