Im the just witness of a shop robbery. Ive also be to prison. Will it be mentioned contained by court?

Ive just finished a short prison sentence of 4months which was for ABH. Before i go to prison i was working in a shop on my own which a robbery happen so im the only witness. Before prison the 3 men who did the robbery was arrested through dna and forensics. The trial starts within a few days. But im worried that in court my prison sentence will be brought up and will go against me somehow (like trademark me out to be a criminal etc) and the 3men will get away with it. They made my natural life hell after the robbery because i was attacked etc and i was surrounded by hospital for a few days with bruises etc and i havent been competent to work since. Will my prison sentence stay out of the trial or will their solicitor bring it up if he finds out? Its worrying me because i know there is enough evidence against the men even though they are denying it. Can anyone guidance me, its really doing my head in. Thanks. Ps. Im within liverpool uk.
Only if the defense wants to try to impeach your nouns.
Yeah there is a hge break it will be brought up. But they do that to intimidate you. Just keep your cool, and dont get flustered. Dont present them anything else to use against you. Source(s): common sense
firstly, near is a very poor chance that they wont mention it.
if the shield find out they will want to use it to make you look unreliable. like you cannot be replied upon as a witness because of your criminal bygone. which is unfair. but they will use anthing to get the defendants bad the hook.
im sure with the DNA and Forensics that these men would need more than an 'unreliable witness' excuse to acquire them off the hook.
looks to me they are in for a fundamentally long stretch.
i dont think they will make your enthusiasm hell anymore, also have you looked into the witness protection act?
also if they are denying the charges and pleading guily they wont return with there time deducted so dont verbs about that.
p.s liverpool UK too.
Yes, if the defence solicitor finds out.
It's almost a dead cert their defence will bring this up within an attempt to take away your credibility as a reliable whiteness
All victims and witnesses obligation to be checked and your previous convictions should have been disclosed to the shelter, BUT, just stick to your story and tell the truth.

The safeguard may try and use it against you but it doesn't really have anything to do with this travel case so just stick to your guns - it's only a trick they might use to try and fluster/intimidate you. If there's forensic evidence against them next the case is pretty strong already so I wouldn't worry too much. Source(s): Serving police officer.
Keep it real

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