Can a legal representative or accountant access my hill depiction short my consent?

I recently received a large insurance settlement from my mother's endorsement. She left me as the primary beneficiary and did not have a will that stated otherwise. I inopportunely have some family member who are not too thrilled with this. My question is, can anyone access my mound account and find out my balance? My uncle is an justification. Can he access my account?
The might be able to pretend to be you using telephone bank if they know enough personal information.
No absolutely not short your consent. Lawyers or accountants must have your written permission not in recent times verbal to access your bank description. Bank accounts are considered personal property like owning a house.

It is quite true, what you enjoy acquired through the insurance settlement from your mother's passing can be ask by some of your family members. Because why be you given the sole rights to possess a large insurance settlement from your mom when you have other brothers or sisters that should also be a piece of that large amount of insurance claims. Your other siblings or brothers or sisters will have to petition the court to unscrew up your bank account for thorough scrutiny or investigation. If you discard, they can petition the court to open such account. And the more you put away its content the more suspicious your family members be. So contained by the end your going to have lots of problem at paw. And since you have an uncle who is an accountant, he cannot access your account because of conflict of interest since he is one of the kith and kin member here. The only creature who can access it are people outside the family circle similar to an accountant firm who is hired by one of your family member to access your portrayal.
Are you asking from the US or the UK?

In the US, the answer is no. But a judge can order a freeze on the money if the other house members take you to court. I would not spend it newly yet. Wait to see what they are going to to do. Your mother did not leave a will and they may own a legitimate claim to a portion of the estate.
I assume you are only chitchat about the Insurance Policy. The Insurance Company will pay whoever they hold been instructed to and no one else. As for her other assets as she have died intestate you have only a claim against them, as adjectives other relatives have, and you cannot legally vend anything.

No one has a right to your bank details unless they are claiming you hold sold other assets and are suing you. Even then the Insurance Policy is separate from her estate for all other purposes, including Inheritance Tax, if it be set up correctly.
Not without your blessing, no. It's illegal to do so.
Not without a court charge, and then it would be the police or customs for the prevention of crime.

They could discover the sum from the executor of the estate, unless that was you. Source(s): I'm a legal representative
How did she leave you as the primary beneficiary if she didn't make a will? If she did be paid a will, her estate is dealt with surrounded by accordance with the terms of the will, if she didn't it is deal with according to the laws of intestacy.

Anyway, lawyer or accountants cannot legally access your bank picture without either your say-so or a court order.
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