How masses years does it give somebody a lift to become a legal representative?

Three years at university taking your law level
three years at university taking some other degree and then two years doing a professional verbs course (total five years)

after which:

one year pupillage at the Bar (barrister)
2 year training contract (solicitor)

and even then there's no guarantee of getting a proper foothold in the profession. Not for the giddy hearted!
In the English system:

3 years to obtain a degree. If this is not a law point you need to spend a further year doing a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) to "convert" your amount to a law degree.

Then 1 year studying any the Legal Practice Course (LPC) (for solicitors) or the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) (for barristers).

If taking the LPC you will then work for 2 years as a trainee solicitor before you qualify. If taking the BVC you spend a year doing a pupilage.

So between 5 and 7 years from departure school, depending on which route you take. Obviously if you study any of the elements chunk time it will take even longer.
4 years college
3 years law school
however much longer it take you to pass the bar exam.
Law school takes 3 years to complete.

However, most directive schools won't admit you unless you enjoy a 4 year bachelor's degree so if you wanna count that, it takes 7 years.

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