Is it prohibited for cctv to spy on the workforce i.e. to see if they are driving fork pull trucks correctly?

"Ride On! fork lift trucks come to a stop a very short while after you enjoy disabled them. Would it be illegal for a Company to check whether you have wait for the truck to come to a complete standstill or whether you have stepped off the truck within the interim of disabling and stopping?
Of course it's legal to watch you work.
How can you possibly believe it might not be?
The company can institute anything workplace rules they choose, including safety rules (providing they at least join government standards). The company has a court obligation to ensure you don't hurt yourself or others.

They can certainly examine to see if you follow the rules, and can use video to do so.

I'm actually amazed that anyone would even question this.
as long as they are not taping you in places resembling the bathroom? yeah, perfectly legal
In the UK it is legal, I can't see any reason why you ruminate it would be illegal for your employer to watch you work, especially if it is to check that you are following correct sanctuary procedures.
within the USA if you inform them that there is CCTV they can do it. They can not do it in places where on earth privacy is expected, i.e. restrooms, lockers, nursing stations, closed offices.

Common areas such as docks, warehouses, gate, entrances, lunchrooms are all fair winter sport.

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