Is Rape 'impossible' within wedding?

" senior Muslim cleric who runs the country's largest network of sharia courts has sparked controversy by claiming that within is no such thing as rape within conjugal.

Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain, said that men who rape their wives should not be prosecuted because "sex is part of marriage"."…
How could anyone conflate sex with rape contained by 2010? Like Steven Weinberg said, "for good people to do evil things, that take religion."
No it is not impossible. It is without a flaw possible, and is unfortunately all too normally proved possible.

It is said by police officers time and time again that the most common forms of rape are not comitted by strangers hiding contained by bushes, but when boyfriends/husbands cannot take 'no' for an answer. The bottom line, as someone have said, is that 'no means no'. This is true regardless of who the woman is considering sleeping with.

However, as adjectives as that cleric's views are, women around the world need to recognize that it is not acceptable for their husbands or boyfriends to force themselves on them. I am amazed, every time a woman comes on here asking about her BF/husband forcing sex, and she simply does not believe, or does not WANT to believe, that their partner is comitting rape. Many women are startled to face the truth and would rather believe it is a one-off or merely that their partner be 'horny'. More awareness is needed so that women can actually realise their complaints will be taken seriously in cases of matrimonial rape.

As for this cleric, then his antiquated rubbish does no favours for the image of Islam whatsoever. CONSENSUAL sex is part of a set of marriage, not sex that involves the woman being reduced to a pile of meat.
I would classify it as domestic violence fairly than rape. When a woman marries a man, her body now belongs to the man. She should be paid every effort to satisfy her man needs or otherwise consent for him to have a mistress or solicit prostitutes. Keeping a man deprived surrounded by this way is just cruel and barbaric. Source(s): sick of wanking
I thought a marriage between a man and a women be a mutual agreement to love and honor one another! At least, That's the way I see marital!! Sharia law doesn't view it contained by that light though. Marriages are arranged by the parents of the two families. Often times, the two get to know the other before the ceremony. THEN, the woman becomes HIS property! Sex is ok if it is consensual, but if forced upon the woman, it is still rape. To hurt a woman is not piece of marriage.. That's the difference between Christian and Islamic marriages. One have love and the other has total control over another persons body beside absolutely no love in his heart! She but a vessel for him to relieve himself within! Doesn't that sound disgusting! But oh so true!
One may hardly expect an intelligent stand on such a topic from a muslim cleric. Their view of the female gender is so archaic that I seriously doubt if anyone will ever live to see an intelligent stand on this subject by any of the 3rd world nut job that profess to be "holy men". Can we say cognitive dissonance?
You know what? If it come down to 'rape', next it's not a real 'marriage', it's simply two people living together near a piece of paper.
A marriage consists of two adults that read between the lines one another and want to spend their lives together. In all reality, they should be beside it enough to be on the same page when it comes to war relations, among other things.
While I'm old fashioned in the sense that I believe that once a woman marry, she becomes her husband's (that's right, like a piece of property), I also believe that the husband have a duty to protect her....ALWAYS. To me, there is no rape in a nuptials because a real husband (and a real man) would never do such things, and would never treat his 'property' similar to such, if you wish to view it approaching that.
Before we get into good outdated style BNP Muslim bashing it might be interesting to consider what our historical legal precedents be in the UK regarding rape within marriage from the Victorian age onwards, my guess is that no one know and any test cases have be swept under the carpet, subsequent please? Source(s): My head.
It used to be. Spousal rape immunity was with the sole purpose abolished in England and Wales within 1991, in the House of Lords decision surrounded by R v R.
The immunity had be legally recognised for hundreds of years, based purely on the interpretation of Christian marital as involving irrevocable consent to sex. So while these views are clearly indefensible, let's not pretend that it's only one religion that supports them.
Up until 1991 it be the case that there be no rape in marriage. But the directive was changed. It is now prohibited to force yourself on a woman even if she is your wife.

So the answer is: Rape is a crime and if if your wife refuses sex but you still carry on afterwards you have raped her. That is a criminal offence.

The muslim cleric is wrong beneath English law. Religious courts (including Sharia courts) do not have any statutory standing and their with the sole purpose authority is because the parties using them agree to abide by their ruling.
This man is undoubtedly encouraging marital rape and cause men to become criminals (even if their wives don't complain to the police the crime has still been committed). Therefore you could argue that He is committing an indignation by encouraging others to break the law.
I think what the cleric is cliché in reality is that sex is VERY critical within a marriage. Many tons marriages have made this the sole idea, whether lack of or having sex outside the wedding ceremony, for divorce.

This no means no is catchy, but why does it apply for only sex. Why, if divorced, my cries of no to alimony are not listen to by the courts. No means no!!
Uh, ok....So after NOT raping his wife.....the wife cleans out his guard accounts and runs away....then that isn't stealing..right? Communal property and all?
Rape is totally possible in Marriage.Sex is a chunk or marriage but a man should never be allowed to force himself upon a women.

its very low but
One of the four reasons a women can be divorced is rape so feel like they are pretty much stating that all women are liars who are crying rape to capture out of marriage. ..
To answer the question: Clearly rape is possible in wedding ceremony if one party says no. Its still does the exact same physical and mood damage whether your married to the victim or not.

Now, to adjectives the smug Christians and westerners: In Europe spousal rape became in Poland surrounded by 1932, Denmark 1960, Sweden 1965, Norway 1971, Ireland 1990 and I believe someone already mention the statutes in England and Wales, Germany 1997.

Don't even get me started on Africa and Asia. And the Middle East, forget in the region of it.

And, in my home of North America? Lets see: Canada 1985... Tsk, tsk. And the United States of America? Well, South Dakota led the approach in 1975 followed by the rest over the next 18 years next to North Carolina being last to remove exempt staus from spouses contained by 1993. Why am I listing these things? Because of the reason of WHY it wasn't other deemed illegal and that be the supposition that when entering into a marriage the was an "implied and irrevocable consent."
Its a problem, one of heaps in sharia "law", but before you start calling empire barbarians take a look at when your country outlawed this form of rape. If it was within your lifetime, you might be a hypocrite.
Then he's wrong.

Luckily British Sharia courts own no part to play in criminal matter such as rape or indecent assault, so he will never have to rule on such a case.

Do remember, it's with the sole purpose been possible for such an assault to be considered rape under English canon since 1991.
In Texas the decree once said it was not possible for a husband to rape his wife, but the imperative now says to be precise possible.
A husband can be charged with forcibly raping his wife in the State of Texas.
Sharia law are not the law of the land within the U.S., and hopefully will never be.
Yes, there IS rape within marriage. It is abuse, freshly like hitting a woman. Rape has nought to do with sex and everything to do with terror campaign and domination.

Muslims who have struggled so hard to present a loving, heavenly facet of their religion have just be slapped in the face.
no is no married or not......
Obviously, the wife has the option to utter "No" in terms of sexual pursuit. HOWEVER, to be blunt, if the wife isn't putting out, she should not be "raped"...but also shouldn't be surprised when the husband looks elsewhere to fulfil the needs.
It is possible to rape during marriage. The cleric that made that comment is one of the reason why Islam has a hard time proving it's stance as a calm religion. If they could just purge monsters like that consequently they could prove there point.
No it's not, i agree with this one who said "Sheikh Sayeed's comments are woefully misguided and entirely indecorous. Rape – whether within marriage or outside it – is an abominable achievement and is clearly against the law." (from your link, a spokesman for Muslims4UK). From reading the article it seem that this Sayeed thinks rape is forced adultery, so this would make rape inwardly marriage impossible, but he's wrong because that's not what rape means when we consider it as a decriminalized term in British imperative.

As the senior cleric who runs the country's largest network of Guyzers courts (we have a short time ago as much right over legal jurisidiction as Sharia courts do, none at all) my official pronouncement on this is that rape is a fruitless thing and i'm somewhat shocked that rape within wedding ceremony was only made evil in 1991. These good matured days we supposedly had before liberal values of individual rights wrecked the country, they be good days indeed for rapists and perverts of all persuasions.
You Brits are really between a rock and a firm place you try so hard to placate every one you have no model what road to fallow
Confucius say, " Impossible for man to rape woman. Woman run much faster near skirt up, then man
with pant down".Course ,that was before the zipper.
Off course it is NOT impossible.

No means no but you cannot say "yes" when you have sex then change your mind i said "no" and claim rape
no I don't believe it is rape if they are married
If the woman say no then is is wrong, very wrong for the man to still own sex with her, but i don;t think it is rape, but i also conjecture it is wrong for a woman to marry a man just for his money then claim rape and divorce him and nick half his money, then find out she have been having sex near several other men during the marriage.
That highlights Muslim attitudes to Women contained by general
Why have we get these demented souls in a civilised country?

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