Advice on solicitors fees?

8 weeks ago i agreed to take out a lease on a shop, and got a solicitor to oversee the legally recognized side of things, when i agreed (verbally, i have signed nothing) the solicitor quoted me x amount plus vat and said that will cover everything, now we are close to the point of signing the lease the solicitor has sent me a contract to sign stating that the price will be x amount plus vat PLUS DISBURSEMENTS, can he make me pay cheque this when we had an agreement via telephone that it would be x amount plus vat singular?
Sadly ,there is no such thing as an honest solicitor
From the year they start training, they are taught that greed is the quickest way to nouns
Sadly, this is common with solicitors. He may hold on to to the agreement as far as his own fees are concerned, but he is expecting you to pay for the "extras" such as phone calls, civil servant letters, etc. The cost of these disbursements is always a shock to us mere mortals, and I estimate lawyers should be honest up front that there are going to be several extra costs involved.
No :)
As a Paralegal, I will admit that solicitors are often criticised for their fees, but the following may be considerate.
Generally with a solicitor you will get a tax estimate. This is not the total you will have to pay, it is an estimate. If the solicitor exceeds, or once he realises as a point of upright client relations, he should revise his estimate and inform the client that costs have increased. An estimate is not binding, but obviously any professional who quotes say aloud x but consistently charges 1.5x is not going to get much repeat business. However fee estimates will unanimously go up to a point, and if need to be revised after that should be justifiable.
You say that it is the disbursements that are contained by dispute though. Solicitors are also expected to tell their clients about potential disbursements. It's a lease so I assume your solicitor have carried out a number of searches primarily. Not my nouns so I'm not entirely sure what disbursements they'll have. I wouldn't have thought they would be great though. But yes the point is they should enjoy told you about them really, out of good client relationship admin if nothing else.
It's likely you will own to pay, and in any event, probably not worth your time or money to dispute them. If I be you, pick a different firm next time.
I do believe it's something solicitors are getting better at though, even if we are still far from great.

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