Screeming surrounded by my sleeping greatly powerfull how can it be stoped within the dark yes darkness when i sleep it go on i?

want to know what if i got banned when i ,,,,, dint perceive my screaming and me waking up and cuase i scream when i sleep for one second 643 my second screemingthnen 2 second its 644 explain why whats it called? (hintnot just time skip
Well,you can try asking god to send his angels to examine over you while you sleep.
also my friend speak to your doctor and ask him for new medicine to try.
i have many problems myself,i prayed and prayed for years and years,
then at the ruin of my prayers were answered.i am here now and as best as god allows.
so,you really entail first to relax,listen to music,write,i do,it calms me.
i don,t sleep good,but i enjoy life,take and thanks
What? I enjoy had to read this four times to try and make any sense of it, but here go....

I really do not understand this question, but it sounds approaching 'Night Terrors' from what I can work out. These usually occur in children and adolescents, but can verbs or even start in adulthood. I suggest a pop in to the doctor as there are medicines that can be prescribed to help out and in some cases, psychotherapy can be of assistance.

Good luck, but don't despair - if it is night terror, it can be helped.

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